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There is only one person in the universe who could have mailed this to Jim Sinclair. Jim Sinclair posted this on his website www.jsmineset.com . Of course it is me!

Posted On: Thursday, August 28, 2008, 2:12:00 PM EST
Jim’s Mailbox Author: Jim Sinclair


For your information:

I am just back from a holiday at the borders of the Black Sea. Since August 14 I have seen German warships defending the port of Constanta, Romania. Constanta is the biggest port and oil terminal at the Black Sea. Germany is too dependent from imports of Russian oil and gas and will become very afraid. It did not look like a NATO exercise as a lot of newspapers would have you believe.

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I graduated on a study about the new Great Game in Central Asia. When Russia would intervene in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan (which it will try in coming years), we could see natural gas prices double and oil +100$ (just like with the Pakistan issue).

I have also been to Odessa, Ukraine. The first phase of hyperinflation has started there (CPI +26% yoy). Old and new notes are both in circulation. It is still possible to have dinner with champagne for 10€/15$. I enjoyed it. There was no fear of Russian intervention till I left Friday. Things can change fast…

All the best,

CIGA Anonymous

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